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Pre Wedding Photograhy Feature in TOI - 11 Feb 2015
TOI - Meerut Times
So my work got featured in Times of india- Meerut times yesterday and it felt so awesome that i had to come back to blog to capture this very moment.
This is the first time that my photography related work got featured. Yayyy!

Almost 2 years since i left my job and started photography professionally and today i have got this sense of recognition for my work otherwise it has been a freaking rough ride till date so i am happy about it.

Here are some interesting observation about me/my work getting featured in news paper :

When the first time i got featured in newspapers IT happened..
Now you may ask what?
Well this blog happened that day.
Brief : One fine morning my photo was there in four newspapers, it was because of a street play we used to do as Dramebaaz in college, fun times indeed and i wrote a post about it after three days on 22 March 2009, so Notebook was born that day! :)
Here is the link to that post Four in a row

There was then many times when i used to get my photograph in newspapers during my college days just because of Dramebaaz.

When the last time i got featured in college, i was at the end of my college life and was about to start my job around May 2010.

Job started, kind of shitty life happened after that and then it continues to be that way only.
I started to miss my college days as usual, that kind of fame wasn't easily forgotten.
I was so much into that feeling of being somebody that I finally quit my job in Feb 2013  :P

So i was back home doing wedding photography on my own.
Now wedding photography is kind of looked upon as a low life job in India.
Photographer - Chutiya hai kya
Courtesy : Youtube, Anu aunty

And i suffered the chutiyapa of being a wedding photographer too. So much of it that let's not talk about it :P
These two years make me think whether i am on a right path or not.. This article on pre-wedding photography trend tells me that i am but as i conclude this post i think i am going on a lookout for an IT job again, i ll keep wedding photography on side and may do it for fun sake because i really miss the fun side since i started it professionally.

Well now that we have come so far, i don't regret me leaving that job because i am now a professional wedding photographer too, even TOI says so "city based photographer Arpit Rastogi says this and that" and i feel good about it. :D

So yeah so much about it.

Now some fun fact, when i posted this photo of news paper feature i got whooping 200+ likes on facebook, last time i got such response it was on my status of leaving the job. #connectingthedots #stevejobs

What happened in between, well Na tum jano na hum! ;)
Because i have been off blogging since long.. Maybe we will find out later :)

If you want to catch a glimpse of my work in photography, you should totally check out my facebook page..

Attached here is the snapshot of the complete article.

Page 1

Page 3

Until next time.. Bye guys.. Cheers!

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  1. Rastogi bhai,
    Earlier I was "Proud" of you and now I am "#Proud" of You (Notice the Hashtag) !!
    Great Going and zaada soch mat,
    go where it is taking u !

    1. Beri bhai.. kaisa hai bhai..

      Yes man.. i am almost going with the flow! :)

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