International Day of Happiness

Happiness to me is my camera, yes it is that simple. :P

Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm 1.4
I simply love it.. and for every time i capture something meaningful/beautiful, i love it even more!

And the best part about my camera is that it payed off for itself, no kidding.. An asset if i say in terms of Rich Dad, Poor Dad :)

I have been the photographer guy in every group since college, so i kind of have the moments with me which are long forgotten and i am very much proud of that.
Friends and people change around you but i have them.. i have them in true moments!

Those moments can not be created again but yes can be cherished forever through lens.

Sometimes i feel stuck in life then i open my backup hard disk of photographs and there i have my happiness.. in every folder.. i have a different mood to cherish and remember..

It is my world of Narnia :)

A folder of freshers photographs will take me to the first year of college, oh how it all started.
A folder of farewell photographs will bring back the memories of how we lived through college.

And so on so forth.. its amazing that how life is changing so fast and i live backwards sometimes through photographs and sometimes through my blog.


And now that i moved into professional photography it has been a delight that for every couple i have worked so far, loved to have me around. It is almost blissful to work around such wonderful couple.

I hope to continue my journey into the world of photography with added awesomeness and happiness! :)

So glad Coca Cola reminded me that happiness is right there to be found, all you gotta do is think about it.. Cheers!

I would love to hear what you have to say about happiness, drop in the comment section below and we can share a moment of happiness together. :)


  1. True... a camera has the power to capture moments which are often forgotten... which get blurred with time... Photos have the pleasure of reintroducing you to such times...

    1. Such awesome frames for life :) Good to see you after long time!


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