Asus ZenFone2 #MonsterUnleashed

5 reasons why i think Asus ZenFone2 will redefine my smartphone experience!

#1.  Full HD IPS 5.5' Display

Well i watch lots of my stuff on mobile so it will be awesome to have a 5.5" full HD screen at my disposal.

Watching HD movies would be awesome.
Browsing internet over this beauty would be soooo much fun.
Lets say if i am ever in a mood of reading something then i will never ever have to open my laptop or pc for that matter ;)

#2. Camera

With ZenFone 2’s 13MP PixelMaster camera with its f/2.0-aperture i will have an amazing camera in my pocket and as i use DSLR otherwise and know many tricks around shutter speed and aperture, i would love to exploit ZenPhone's camera for better imaging ever as it gives me full manual control over camera just for the professional photographer thing.

Every time just thinking about a new camera gives me goosebumps :)
  • And it has something called selfie-panorama for front camera which will give us awesome selfies and nobody will be left out.. How awesome it will be, maybe we can beat Oscar Selfie someday!  :P
  • Low Light performance looks pretty awesome
  • And innovative dual-flash with a combination of yellow with white light sounds so exciting, for the perfect skin tone.. Something i dont even have in my DSLR yet :P
  • Awesome backlit HDR photographs is good for tricky situation where sun is shining right behind you, so i don't have to care about the sun anymore..

#3. Battery with Fast Charging

Now battery has been the most horrific experience of mine with smartphones till date but with 3000mAh battery it will last longer but that is just not it,
It has something called BoostMaster technology which will double up the charging speed, now that is sweet. 60% battery in just 39 minutes, now i am begging for it. Please somebody get me one of these monsters. :)

#4. My Love for Lollipop [Latest OS]

I am mad for recent OS updates, so yess Android 5 you better be there in my phone before i get my hands on you.

#5. 4GB Ram clubbed with 2.3GHz Quad core processor

This is world's first smartphone with 4GB ram, *Bas kar pagle rulayega kya*
Need i say more?

I am already crying out loud with joy. *sob-sob* :')

Bonus points
Super sleek and sexy design.
Personalized Zen UI, with intuitive gesture input called ZenMotion.

Check out its promo video


  1. Wow! Looks amazing man.. When are u going to buy?

    But but.. If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone :D

  2. Notifications are now on lol :D Forgot to check it in the previous comment.

    1. Hahaha saali maje lele tu.. ;)
      I am going to it's launch event too :D

      Waise meri zindagi ka bas ekkahi maksad hai.. iPhone6! :P
      Thoda sasta ho jaaye bas.. Sala kidney bechne ka mann nahi hai abhi..

      And btw new saying is.. If you don't have an iPhone(Latest), you don't have an iPhone.. Take that beech!

  3. ASUS has great phones. If I ever keep a cell phone, I would love to try ASUS and Motorola phones under 10k.

    1. Yup they do.. Motorola is pretty good too.
      But you don't keep a cell phone? :O

      BTW, i am going for it's launch event.. First time i am going to a blogger meet kind of a thing.. Very excited :)


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