Sunday, March 22, 2015

International Day of Happiness

Happiness to me is my camera, yes it is that simple. :P

Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm 1.4
I simply love it.. and for every time i capture something meaningful/beautiful, i love it even more!

And the best part about my camera is that it payed off for itself, no kidding.. An asset if i say in terms of Rich Dad, Poor Dad :)

I have been the photographer guy in every group since college, so i kind of have the moments with me which are long forgotten and i am very much proud of that.
Friends and people change around you but i have them.. i have them in true moments!

Those moments can not be created again but yes can be cherished forever through lens.

Sometimes i feel stuck in life then i open my backup hard disk of photographs and there i have my happiness.. in every folder.. i have a different mood to cherish and remember..

It is my world of Narnia :)

A folder of freshers photographs will take me to the first year of college, oh how it all started.
A folder of farewell photographs will bring back the memories of how we lived through college.

And so on so forth.. its amazing that how life is changing so fast and i live backwards sometimes through photographs and sometimes through my blog.


And now that i moved into professional photography it has been a delight that for every couple i have worked so far, loved to have me around. It is almost blissful to work around such wonderful couple.

I hope to continue my journey into the world of photography with added awesomeness and happiness! :)

So glad Coca Cola reminded me that happiness is right there to be found, all you gotta do is think about it.. Cheers!

I would love to hear what you have to say about happiness, drop in the comment section below and we can share a moment of happiness together. :)


Friday, March 20, 2015

#ChooseToStart with Moto e

Its funny how i started off with Motorola L6 in 2006, my first phone!

So a lot of good memories to start with Motorola :)

I switched to Nokia, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Lumia since then.

But if you ask me to choose then i would love to go with Moto again,

I #ChooseToStart with the all new Moto e


Why if you may ask,

For the love of Lollipop.. I would simply go for it!
I love that subtle notification feature when you are playing games or even working on any application and yes all the notifications on lock screen itself.
I want that latest OS on my phone no matter what and Motorola gives you just that.

I am a big camera buff so if i have my camera on my twist of the wrist then i am all in for this beauty.
I see my moment and instantly i need to capture it before its gone, so a quad core processor with a twist of my wrist would do that for me and i need not worry about a thing anymore. #twistmywrist #moto #captureit and share it on my Instagram feed :)

I need couple of apps which make life easy,

I love EOS Remote app as it connect to my Canon 6D over wifi and can transfer files from camera to mobile on the fly so i can share it to the people i photograph without even connecting my DSLR to any computer.

I love Sony Sideview app as it turn my mobile into a fully functional backlit TV remote to my Sony Bravia 32W700B smart tv.

Google Keep, Maps, Chrome are pretty much obvious with Moto e :)

So yeah, if i have my Moto e2 then a simple Moto Migrate would be a good to go feature as i move into Moto world again to start a journey afresh.

Update 23rd March 2015:
I just ordered Moto G2 for my brother today, so that makes four Moto phones in my family

Bhai - Moto G2, Bhabhi - Moto X
Mum - Moto G, Papa - Moto e

Moto Family :)
Guess its me who need one now. So i choose to start with Moto e2 so that i complete the Moto Family! #HelloMoto ;)