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My previous post in august 2015 has me ranting about wedding photography and how i am looking for a job(desperately) again in software industry.

Well i got a job next month, started working with a startup with minimal job interview setup. Got lucky you can say.

Six months into the job and i lost my dad in feb 2016 due to cardiac arrest, i feel helpless after that.

It was all of a sudden, you are never ready for this. We in family do not talk about this incident.

I drink[occasionally], get emotional and then cry but yes i am accepting it, this feeling is indescribable.

I thought of putting it on facebook/blogger many a times but i just couldn't.

Finally i am letting it out here on blogger.

I had my differences with my father, he was not very cool with my illogical decisions.
He supported it though, my decision for leaving the job and coming back home.

So again, it has been four months since he left us, i am almost cool but i really want to pour my heart out. just i am not able to.
There was no conclusion to our relationship, i was trying to prove something, i was trying to be different and he left in between.

This is probably it for now, will catch up soon. Thanks.


  1. Sorry to read this. You told me that he supported you when you wanted to pursue your passion. Really sad to hear about his untimely departure. Don't have the right words to express my condolences.

    1. Hi Saru, saw your message on fb as well.. it's okay


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